Hoover says mentality behind push polls in competitive races is "the problem in Kentucky"

09/04/2014 03:33 PM

House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover says the questions asked about Republicans in push polls being conducted by Democrats are unfair because they don’t tell the full story and are part of partisan games.

Hoover said the questions asked in the push polls that were being conducted in some of the more competitive districts are unfair because they are not telling the full story behind the votes in question.

For instance, state Rep. Michael Meredith, R-Brownville, told Pure Politics he had been told by many of the recipients of the calls in his district that the main criticism of him was that he “voted against raises for teachers and state workers.”

While Republicans in the House did vote against the initial draft of the budget because of disagreements over spending, they also voted for the final version of the budget where the raises remained intact.

In response to House Speaker Greg Stumbo’s remarks to Pure Politics about almost everything is fair in war and politics, Hoover said that type of mentality is what has led to many of the problems in the chamber.

“That’s the problem in Kentucky is that type of mentality and that type of approach. People are sick of it, they are tired of it. They want us in Frankfort to take care of business, to improve Kentucky, to make the lives of Kentuckians better by enacting good policy,” Hoover said. “People are tired of political games. The Speaker has been there 35 years and he thinks it is all part of it, I don’t think it is part of it and I don’t think the people of Kentucky think those type of attacks are what should be going on.”

On statements in the calls saying Republicans “did not vote for the Heroin bill”, Stumbo told Pure Politics that language is fair because he said the Republicans filibustered the bill when it was brought up towards the end of the last night of the session.

Hoover disagrees with that saying it was the House Democrats who stalled on the bill after the Senate passed the legislation out of their chamber early on in the session and then it was not brought to the floor of the House until the last 30 minutes of the session.

As for what issues Republicans plan to hit some of the incumbent Democrats on as they continue their efforts to take the state House, Hoover said they will focus on votes taken on issues like an increase in the gas tax as well as the initial budget presented in the chamber which Hoover called one of the “biggest spending frenzies”.


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