Heiner seeking online donations while he publicly helps state House candidates

09/24/2014 08:35 PM

Republican gubernatorial candidate Hal Heiner has been headlining fundraisers in an effort to flip the state House from Democratic control. The Louisville businessman has also made a big deal about sidelining his own fundraising efforts while running for office in 2015.

Heiner spent Monday evening at the home of former U.S. Secret Service officer Carl Nett, seeking contributions for the Republican’s bid to unseat twelve-term incumbent Rep. Jim Wayne, D-Louisville. In his pitch to attendees Heiner said it’s incumbent upon voters to send more Republicans to the lower chamber so they can enact job creating legislation.

Heiner has loaned his gubernatorial campaign $4.2 million during his first six months as a candidate, but he says there have been some outside donations too. Nearly $200,000 has come into his campaign from individuals.

“Some of my friends are helping in this race, but I’ve made a commitment not to do any fundraisers until after these November elections. I don’t want to take away from what’s going on in these House races or these very important House races,” Heiner said after the Nett fundraiser, adding that would change after the election.

While Heiner has hit the fundraising circuit for House GOP candidates, that hasn’t stopped him from filling his campaign’s coffers. His team launched an email campaign in August, soliciting donations that will be part of his political livelihood as he tours the state and takes his message to voters.

In an interview with Pure Politics on Monday in Louisville Heiner said that his campaign has been asking for support, but that he will not be holding personal fundraisers.

“We have. As people have connected to the campaign we’re staying connected to them and asking them to support the campaign. But we haven’t had our first fundraiser yet,” Heiner said. “I am very encouraged as we have been in 65 counties in the last six months that people are joining in every county and saying, ‘Hal we want to help’.”

Hear what else Heiner has to say about his efforts to help Republican candidates in 2014 and what that could mean for him in 2015 in the interview below.


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