Grimes: Senate race isn't a toss-up because voters want to toss out McConnell

08/02/2013 03:10 PM

PADUCAH — In one of her warm-ups for sharing the stage with U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell at Saturday’s Fancy Farm Picnic, Alison Lundergan Grimes on Friday told labor leaders that she’s already proven she’s unlike any challenger McConnell has ever had.

Grimes, speaking to 350 people at the West Kentucky Building and Trades Labor Luncheon, highlighted Friday’s news that the Cook Report moved the Kentucky Senate race from “lean Republican” to “toss up.”

“This race isn’t a toss-up. Kentuckians are ready to toss out their senior senator,” Grimes said.

Grimes — backed up by state Auditor Adam Edelen — continued her early theme in her campaign that McConnell has spent too long in Washington and has not done enough for Kentucky with his seniority. He “led the effort for obstruction and gridlock for the worst possible reason — out of spite,” Grimes said.

“Once we had giants, like Senator Wendell Ford, build this state and this nation up — who realized the importance of building infrastructure, something that our senior senator has forgotten when he fails to realize the bridges and the locks and the dams that need attention in this state,” she said at an event hall in downtown Paducah.

Here’s Nick Storm’s report from Paducah:

McConnell is expected to get his say Saturday morning at the Graves County Republican breakfast before both McConnell and Grimes, as well as Democratic candidate Ed Marksberry, and Republican candidate Matt Bevin take the stage during the annual Fancy Farm picnic’s political speaking event at 2 p.m. CST Saturday.


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