McConnell getting hit from both sides in web ads related to shutdown deal

10/28/2013 09:29 AM

A burning house is the metaphor Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes is using in a new online ad to represent U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s role in this month’s 16-day government shutdown.

Meanwhile, McConnell’s Republican primary opponent, Matt Bevin, released a 1:27 online ad on Monday featuring Democrats, such as Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid and New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer praising McConnell for his role in crafting a deal to end the shutdown.

The dueling criticism is the latest example of how McConnell is having to walk a fine line as Republican Senate leader to not anger his conservative base while not pivoting too far to the right that he would alienate general election voters next fall.

Grimes’ 30-second online video shows a snowy single-family home becoming engulfed in flames as an announcer highlights how McConnell in 2006 described himself as a “proud guardian of gridlock.”

The ad also credits McConnell for voting to shutdown the government by voting against the continuing resolution which would have continued to fund the government in late September without interuption.

“Mitch McConnell can’t light the house on fire and then claim credit for putting it out. Especially if it’s still burning,” the ad says as a house burns.

McConnell worked out a deal with Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid to reopen the government in mid October.

The line hitting McConnell for putting out a fire he helped to create is a familiar one for Democrats. Gov. Steve Beshear made a similar statement to Pure Politics as negotiations were taking place in Washington D.C. in mid October.

In response, McConnell campaign spokeswoman Allison Moore blasted Grimes over her lack of issues so far in the campaign in a statement sent to Pure Politics.

“Alison Lundergan Grimes wouldn’t know if the house were on fire, under water, or if it even exists unless Barack Obama’s Washington allies told her. There should be an award to the first person who can explain Alison’s position on any major issue facing Kentuckians today,” Moore said.

Bevin’ ad compiles interviews in the wake of the shutdown deal, including Schumer praising McConnell for showing “more strength and courage” than Republican House Speaker John Boehner. Bevin’s campaign has branded the ad, “Democrats heart Mitch McConnell.”


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