Grimes denies new request for voter information from Trump commission

07/27/2017 09:19 AM

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes denied another request from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity to turn over Kentucky voter information.

On Wednesday evening Grimes’ office said that Kansas Secretary of State, and the Commission’s vice-chairman Kris Kobach, sent another letter asking for information about Kentucky voters.

The commission sent a first request at the end of June, which Grimes and 43 other state election officials denied,” according to Vox.

“On behalf of 3.3 million Kentucky voters, the answer is again no,” Grimes said in a statement. “We are happy to work with the commission on improving election administration across the country if that means making the ballot box more accessible to every eligible American. But the compilation of every American voter’s information would build a national voter registration database, which is unnecessary to improving our elections, opposite our Constitution and state’s rights, and puts voters’ privacy and personal data at risk.”

Before Grimes denied second request from the commission on Wednesday night, the Republican Party of Kentucky accused her overstepping her authority, and is calling on Attorney General Andy Beshear to launch an investigation into Grimes.

“In Alison Lundergan Grimes’ desperate quest for political relevancy, she has usurped powers not granted to her by the Kentucky State Constitution or the General Assembly,” RPK Communications Director Tres Watson said in a statement. “Seeing as how this is an issue near and dear to Attorney General Beshear’s heart, it’s time for him to step up and put an end to her actions.”

Watson asserted that the authority to deny or comply with the request lies with the State Board of Elections.

The State Board of Elections is an independent agency that is chaired by the Secretary of State. There are six other members on the board who are appointed by the governor, and it is made up of three Democratic members and three Republican members.

RPK is calling on the attorney general to launch a probe into Grimes’ actions, which includes promoting an international trade mission by her office.

Grimes’ Communications Director Bradford Queen fired back at the RPK in a one sentence statement sent to Pure Politics.

“Not sure what part of ‘chief election official’ in KRS 117.015(2) is unclear to the Party,” Queen said an email.

Beshear spokesman Terry Sebastian did not have a comment on RPK’s statement.


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