Gray, Paul take to the air with dueling coal ads

10/27/2016 06:22 PM

Both candidates for U.S. Senate, Democratic Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, are courting the coal vote and casting their opponent as weak on the fossil fuel.

Paul has introduced two coal-related ads in recent weeks, casting President Obama and Hillary Clinton as enemies of the resource and his Democratic opponent as an acolyte of his party’s leaders.

On Thursday, Gray also released an ad on coal, pointing the finger at Paul over votes he’s cast in the U.S. Senate which he says proves the Bowling Green Republican is not a defender of coal miners.

“Rand Paul has spent his term in the Senate waging a war on coal miners,” said Gray campaign spokeswoman Cathy Lindsey in a statement accompanying the ad. “He’s spent a lot of time attacking others, but he has failed to do anything to help our coal-dependent regions and the people who live there.”

Paul’s campaign spokesperson Kelsey Cooper defended Paul’s position on coal and attacked Gray for supporting Clinton in the presidential contest.

“Only a failing campaign with a candidate who supports Hillary Clinton and her War on Kentucky coal would engage in such a shameful mischaracterization of Dr. Paul’s record of defending Kentucky’s coal miners and their families,” she said in a statement.

Paul has previously said he supports funding miner pensions, but he wants legislation to be inclusive for all miners, both union and non-union.

Kentuckians head to the polls on Nov. 8.


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