Gov. Matt Bevin plays prominent speaking role at first Trump "USA Thank You Tour" event in Cincinnati

12/02/2016 07:00 AM

CINCINNATI — Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin praised President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence in a speech on Thursday night in Cincinnati on the first stop of the Trump victory tour.

Bevin, who introduced Pence, praised Trump for winning an election that many media experts claimed he could not.

“We’ve heard a lot of things about the candidate, who is about to be now our next president, was unconventional, he was unorthodox, he was unprepared, he was unscripted. I’ll tell you what he wasn’t, he wasn’t unelectable,” Bevin said.

“The American dream is alive and it is well, and with Mike Pence and Donald Trump we have the ability to believe in it, we have the ability to realize it, we have the ability for people to be able to pursue it the like they’ve not had in a very, very long time.”

Bevin credited Trump for being, in his words, the person that needs to run the country at this time.

“The people from around the world have been waiting for somebody to step up, to boldly say what needs to be said, to speak the truth unapologetically, boldly and bluntly as it might be, and the time has now come where men and women of boldness and creativity and fearlessness to step up and step out and take points and that is exactly what Donald Trump was willing to do and has, in fact, done,” Bevin said.

Bevin concluded with a familiar theme he voiced after the governor’s race — unity — mentioning Kentucky’s state slogan “united we stand, divided we fall”.

“Are we unhappy with all of the vitriol that was uncorked on Mike Pence and Donald Trump? You bet we were,” said Bevin. “Let’s put that behind us. Let’s bury it. Let’s be the men and women who were bold enough and strong enough to step up, step forward and lead this nation to a brighter future.”


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