Gov. Bevin reflects on 2017, addresses economic growth, health care, pension reform

12/21/2017 12:22 PM

Two years after taking office, Governor Matt Bevin reflected back on 2017 during an end-of-year press conference on Thursday. Bevin touted accomplishments ranging from the economy to education and criminal justice reform.

Bevin says one of the highlights of the year was the passing of right-to-work legislation, which he credits for record-breaking figures in economic growth.

“It’s not even remotely coincidental that the connection between all of these jobs and all of this investment happens to be coming in a year when we’re starting to be serious about being open for business,” said Bevin. “We’ve had companies that have come here specifically stating, repeatedly, that they’re only here because we have become a right-to-work state.” (@ 2:48-3:15)

Bevin also praised efforts in areas like education, health care and criminal justice reform. But when asked about his outlook on the next budget, Bevin said, “it won’t be pretty.”

“The $1.2 billion that caused everybody to complain and cry and weep and gnash their teeth over the way we had to restrict our budget last time and the cuts we had to make last time, that was child’s play compared to what’s coming,” Bevin said. (@ 3:25-3:38)

The state legislature will convene for the 2018 General Assembly on Jan. 2.


Special Session on Pension Reform

Performance-Based Funding

Health Care

Criminal Justice Reform

Opioid Addiction


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