GOP primary for governor turning into its own horse race

05/05/2015 09:49 AM

The four way primary for the Gubernatorial Republican nomination could come down to a photo finish, one of Kentucky’s top lobbyists said Monday.

Bob Babbage, the former Democratic Secretary of State and managing partner of Lexington based lobbying firm Babbage Cofounder described the race in terms of horse racing.

“Like the Derby it’s really compressed into January to May, although some candidates have certainly — if not all candidates — have been out in one sense or another for a while,” Babbage said. “It’s expensive like the Derby. It’s a big investment — how you invest and spend at the end.”

“Eccentricities come out at the Derby and campaigns lately have gotten a little eccentric.”

Campaigns at this point, Babbage said are really focused on turning out their voters and should be focusing on the “bread and butter issues.”

“They don’t talk about PACs at the dinner table or who’s been mean in campaigns they talk about messaging and popularity — you have to be popular to win this race.”

Watch the full interview below for more insights into the campaigns and candidates.

After the May 19 primary, Babbage expects whoever emerges from the GOP primary will have to start to transition into a “bigger broader message.”


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