Jack Conway shakes off memories of Fancy Farm 2009; GOP won't let him forget

08/07/2010 08:14 AM

(WITH VIDEO) Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway said he’s ready to atone for the seven word sentence of self-description at last year’s Fancy Farm that has become a lingering annoyance for his campaign and a source of fodder for the Republicans.

While responding to some hecklers — who are as much a part of the Fancy Farm Picnic’s political speaking event as the microphone — Conway famously said: “I’m one tough son of a bitch.” It almost immediately spawned criticism and parodies.

A year later, Conway acknowledged that the was not his finest moment. But he said it’s “so 2009” and he’s leaving that behind him. Here’s what he told cn|2 Politics about it after speaking Friday night at the Marshall County Democratic Party Bean Supper,:

Still, Conway’s words live on. On the eve of Fancy Farm 2010, the National Republican Senatorial Committee posted an online video jabbing at Conway for his much-maligned line.

The NRSC’s one minute and 11 second video starts with a tongue-in-cheek approach to set up Conway’s now-famous statement that he is “one tough son of a bitch,” although the NRSC bleeps out that last word.

The video ends on a more serious note as it attempts to paint Conway as a “liberal” and link him to President Barack Obama, which has been a key Republican strategy so far this summer. Here’s the Web video:

- Ryan Alessi with video of Conway’s interview produced by Holly Thompson


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