GOP group Restoring America launches three ads, with two criticizing Gov. Steve Beshear

09/28/2011 07:01 AM

The new outside Republican group Restoring America rushed to the aid of the financially struggling campaign of Republican David Williams with three ads Wednesday, including two that go after Gov. Steve Beshear.

The hardest hitting commercial seeks to link Beshear to Democratic President Barack Obama — and specifically the U.S. Environmental and Public Protection Agency. It also claims such policies led Kentucky to lose 94,000 jobs.

  • FACT CHECK: Kentucky’s total employment did drop by more than 92,000 from the time Beshear took office in December 2007 to February 2010 (Down to about 1,820,000 from 1,912,000), according to figures from the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. But as of August, the total Kentucky workforce was back up to 1,906,000 — just 6,000 short of the numbers when Beshear became governor.

Beshear also has sought to distance himself from Obama and the EPA. Last week, Beshear said he told Obama to reverse EPA policies. Beshear has joined a lawsuit with the Kentucky Coal Association over the agency’s water guidelines, which the governor claims are blocking new coal mine permitting.

Beshear also told the EPA to “get off our backs” in his State of the Commonwealth address this year.

The ad’s narrator also seems to refer to the president as “Ubama” at one point. That spelling is sometimes used by those who believe Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

Restoring America, which uses the address of a Lexington UPS store, filed paperwork to get involved in the governor’s race on Monday. While its donors won’t be revealed until mid-October, the men listed as running the group are based out of Columbus, Ohio. The group already committed more than $177,000 for three weeks worth of ad buys on cable alone.

That comes as the Republican nominee, Williams, has struggled to raise money to keep up with the level of ad buys that Beshear’s campaign has made. Williams and independent candidate Gatewood Galbraith trail Beshear in the polls.

2nd ad hits on school busing

Restoring America’s second ad criticizes Beshear for not taking a stand against the controversial school assignment plan in Jefferson County. The ad says Beshear supports the assignment plan, which caused long bus rides for some students last year.

Williams, the state Senate president, sponsored legislation that would have allowed school districts to implement policies to make sure students attended the schools closest to their homes. But Beshear has said the districts should make those choices and don’t need the legislature getting involved.

*3rd ad touts Williams

The third ad doesn’t mention Beshear. Instead, it focused on Republican gubernatorial nominee David Williams.

Restoring America is spending $177,000 for the next three weeks to run ads in Louisville, Lexington, Henderson and Northern Kentucky cable TV markets, according to public ad files with Insight Communications, the parent company of cn|2.

The ads were created by the Strategy Group for Media, an Ohio based media firm.

-Reporting by Kenny Colston


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