GOP candidate Phil Moffett defends platform's effect on the poor

12/14/2010 08:57 AM

Republican candidate for governor Phil Moffett is pushing to cut government spending, including state support of universities, and has advocated ditching the Medicaid program and replacing it with a “market-based” approach.

At the same time, Moffett has called for eliminating personal and corporate income taxes. Instead, he wants to spread the sales tax to services and items that currently aren’t covered by the 6% tax. Those items include groceries and medicines, which are now exempt.

Under his plan, however, lower income Kentuckians would suddenly have to pay more taxes on necessities, such as food. And because they already pay little-to-no state income taxes, they wouldn’t benefit as much as others from the elimination of the income tax.

Moffett said on Pure Politics that eliminating corporate and individual income tax would attract more companies and allow for more job creation which would be a boon to lower income Kentuckians, especially.

So Moffett talked to Pure Politics about how his positions would affect the working poor:

Moffett, who is running with state Rep. Mike Harmon of Boyle County, faces Republican Senate President David Williams and his running mate Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer in the May GOP primary.


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