Glenn Beck tells tea party crowd that Bevin is someone 'we have been praying for'

04/05/2014 06:13 PM

LOUISVILLE — Radio personality Glenn Beck told a national tea party crowd in Louisville on Saturday that U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell is a “danger to this country” and Kentucky Republicans must choose Matt Bevin as the GOP nominee on May 20.

Bevin and Beck were in the lineup of candidates and tea party personalities who spoke at an event Saturday in Louisville organized by FreedomWorks. As the last speaker, Beck said he had not yet met Matt Bevin in person but he had a good feeling about him from the times he had spoken with him.

“I am telling you, I believe that man was called of God,” Beck told the crowd. “These are people we have begged for, these are the men and women we have prayed for.”

And Beck said Bevin is needed because McConnell, as the Republican Senate leader, has not done enough to uphold some of the principles tea party activists hold dearest.

“Let me tell you something, Mitch McConnell is just as much of a danger to this country as Barack Obama,” Beck said.

As for whether he agreed with Beck on the statement about McConnell, Bevin said he would “let Glenn speak for himself.” But he said he believed that the state does not have a leader in McConnell. With the exception of a few other speakers and Bevin, McConnell was not mentioned frequently. And many of the speakers did not bring up the Kentucky Senate race or Bevin’s candidacy in their remarks.

But in an interview with Pure Politics after the event, Bevin said that he knew through conversations that some Kentucky Republicans had been called and told not to attend the event Saturday because it was an “anti-Mitch rally.” And Bevin said those aren’t the only people being called.

“Here’s what I know, Mitch McConnell is now calling people I went to high school with,” Bevin said. “This is so far from over. He’s not calling people I went to high school with because he is confident. He is calling because he’s as nervous as a wet hen and he ought to be.”

See the interview here:

In response, the McConnell campaign said there was no truth to Bevin’s remarks about the Senator.

“Just as with everything else in Matt Bevin’s campaign, there is absolutely no truth to any of that,” McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore said in a statement. “Mitch McConnell spends every day working for Kentucky, while this guy clowns around with out of state groups trying to con people into believing he’s something he’s not.”

In his speech, Bevin focused on the importance of the Kentucky U.S. Senate race and races like it around the country telling the crowd “this is our government, this is our time, this is our race.”


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