Ft. Thomas Police Heroin Interdiction Team looks to take drug induced drivers off the highways

06/08/2016 06:24 PM

FORT THOMAS – The growing problem of heroin addicts driving while under the influence has propelled the Ft. Thomas Police Department to launch a Heroin Intervention Team to step up patrols on highways that are frequented by users.

The teams consists of three officers which patrol stretches of I-471 which pass through the city as well a small stretch of I-275 after it crosses the Ohio River. The team is looking for erratic behavior behind the wheel which could be a hint of drug use.

Those highways are known to be frequented by addicts who cross back and forth from the river, going to downtown Cincinnati to purchase their drug supply.

Ft. Thomas Police Sgt. Chris Goshorn says that they’ve found many addicts actually in the process of using the drugs while they are driving on the highway.

“Right about the time that they are passing through the Ft. Thomas limits, they’re under the influence of these opiates and causing us great danger,” Goshorn says. “Many of these people we have found through these investigations are coming from southeast Ohio, almost half, about 49 percent of the individuals that we encountered over seven weeks, we’re coming from southeast Ohio by way of 275 and 471 to downtown and back home.”

When Goshorn and his fellow officers make those stops, they see a lot of the same things.

“A lot of hypodermic needles, syringes, almost every stop we encounter where we find opiates, we find these needles,” Goshorn said. “We’re finding heroin packages in lottery tickets, or heroin packaged in small baggies.”


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