Ft. Thomas and Beechwood school districts a source of community pride

10/01/2015 05:30 PM

Two independent school districts in northern Kentucky, Ft. Thomas and Beechwood, were ranked as the overall top 2 school districts in the state in the just released 2014-15 state assessment rankings.

Both school districts have become valuable assets in their communities and contribute to some of the highest real estate property values in the region.

Ft. Thomas Independent Schools Superintendent Gene Kirchner says one of the key factors in his districts success is hiring the best faculty.

“We try to get the best people that we possibly can to put into our classrooms and work with our children,” Kirchner said. “You know, we compete with Ohio in that regard too because our staff live all over the place. So we have to pay pretty well to attract the best, but, the bottom line is, it’s not always about programs, it’s not always about the amount of money that you spend, it’s about people, and it’s the way you go about doing business on a daily basis, and having high expectations.”

Beechwood houses all students, K-12 at one location.

First year Beechwood Superintendent Mike Stacy says that the small environment leads to many unique things that can only happen at places like Beechwood.

“Our teachers see kids multiple times throughout their career,” Stacy said. “So, their interaction and relationships that are built, are much deeper than in a larger institution.”


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