From the Vault: McConnell in '84 criticizes senators for increasing debt

02/27/2011 04:22 PM

During his first campaign for U.S. Senate, Republican Mitch McConnell criticized incumbent Sen. Walter “Dee” Huddleston, a Democrat, for among other things, voting for spending plans and programs that increased the nation’s debt.

Twenty-seven years later, McConnell is delivering a similar message on the Senate floor and the national talk show circuit.

In between, however, McConnell wasn’t always able to stick to those ideals of not voting for bills that added to the deficit.

McConnell, for instance, said it was difficult but “necessary” to vote in the fall of 2008 for the bailout to financial institutions that cost the nation an additional $810 billion. Authorizing spending for the Iraq War while the Republicans were in the majority in the Senate earlier in the decade also fell under that category.

The “From the Vault” segment first airs on Pure Politics on Friday evenings. Here’s the latest installment:

- Ryan Alessi


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