Trey Grayson says he hopes 'bold' version of Rand Paul goes to the Senate

11/04/2010 07:35 PM

The Republican who lost to now Senator-elect Rand Paul in the May 18 primary said he wants to see Republican Rand Paul stick to the principles that helped him win the GOP nomination to “shake up” Congress.

Trey Grayson, the Secretary of State who lost to Paul by 23-points in the primary, said he expects Paul and other new senators will have an influential voice.

“My hope is that when he gets up there, the Rand Paul who was often very bold with ideas even if I didn’t agree with him … that Rand Paul will be the Rand Paul that goes to Washington,” Grayson said on Pure Politics Thursday. “They want him to go up there and shake up some things and try some new ideas and really get this deficit under control and get the economy moving again.”

Paul struck a chord with many Kentucky Republicans last year by building his campaign on a call for slashing government spending  — and taxes. He expressed support for proposals, such as the so-called “Fair Tax” that would eliminate the federal income tax and replace it with a 23% national sales tax. But then, in the general election, he backed away from it when attacked by his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway.

Here’s Grayson’s take on the new junior U.S. Senator from Kentucky:


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