Moffett's manager says some donors are afraid to give because of Williams

01/05/2011 07:05 PM

FLORENCE — As Republican candidate for governor Phil Moffett hit the campaign trail in Northern Kentucky this week, his manager David Adams said some difficulty in fundraising has come from donors’ concern about upsetting the other GOP candidate: Senate President David Williams.

“The Senate President David Williams, when he loses the primary, he’s still going to be the president of the Senate — still very powerful and has a reputation for being rather vindictive,” Adams said. “So he’s got a lot of people concerned about how to play this race as donors and supporters.”

Adams was with Moffett Tuesday night as he campaigned at Shakey’s Pub and Grub in Florence. Moffett spoke to about 50 people.

Earlier in the week, Adams tweeted out that Fox News was expected to cover that event. The network was a no-show Tuesday night.

But Moffett made the pitch to supporters that the political climate is more conducive to a businessman and outsider like he is rather than someone who has worked in Frankfort since 1985 as Williams has. Here’s what Moffett said to cn|2 Politics after his speech:

- Video produced by Don Weber

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