Phil Moffett explains proposals to ditch Medicaid, taxes and the 17th amendment

11/11/2010 07:13 PM

Republican candidate for governor Phil Moffett said he wants Kentucky to be the first state to drop the Medicaid program, the federal and state partnership that covers health care for the poor and disabled.

Instead, he told Pure Politics the state government should pay for the health care costs but pare down the rolls of those who receive that coverage.

Medicaid currently covers more than 800,000 Kentuckians. It costs nearly $6 billion with roughly 80 percent currently paid by the federal government. Still, Moffett said he believed the state can provide health care to the poor and disabled without the federal money or the mandates that come with it. (That is in Part 2 of the interview.)

In the first part, Moffett explains his position that the United States should repeal the 17th Amendment. The amendment, approved in 1913, gave citizens the ability to vote on their U.S. Senators instead of having them appointed by state legislatures.

Moffett had publicly said that before. And on Wednesday, his rival Republican gubernatorial candidate, Senate President David Williams, said he also wanted the 17th amendment repealed, as first reported by the Herald-Leader’s Jack Brammer.

Find out how Moffett says having the legislature pick the U.S. Senators squares with the populist streak within the tea party that calls for voters to have more voices in government:

In addition to talking about Medicaid in this next segment, Moffett talks about his leadership style as well as how to streamline government services, such as cutting some state agencies:

For more background about Phil Moffett, Marcus Carey of has a four-part interview on video with him on his site.

While Moffett and Williams are the first announced Republican candidates, Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw is still considering making a run, as she first confirmed to cn|2 Politics on Monday.

Pure Politics will have an interview with Holsclaw on Friday night’s program and more from the interview with Moffett next week.

- Ryan Alessi


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