Former candidate Jackie Green says he is interested in sustainability job but claims Fischer made no promises

10/27/2010 07:38 PM

Jackie Green, the former independent Louisville mayoral candidate, said Democratic candidate Greg Fischer made no promises to him to prompt him to drop out of the race.

But Green said he expects to have “significant influence” in helping to set up a metro office of sustainability if Fischer wins the race against Republican candidate Hal Heiner. Specifically, Green said he would be interested in heading up that office — but again claimed that no one in the Fischer campaign promised him he could have that job.

“There’s no promises. The promise is a promise of significant input,” he said, although he couldn’t explain what he considered “significant input” to mean.

In the extended interview, Green said he initiated the talks with Fischer and didn’t exit the mayor’s race because of any deal with Fischer — instead he used his departure from the race to try to advance the issues he was running on: a greater focus on public transportation and blocking further development of greenspace.

“I got out of the race because I felt like we were not going to accomplish anything more by staying in the race,” he said.

Here’s the report from Pure Politics:

And here’s additional footage from the interview in which Green describes the chronology of events:

- Ryan Alessi


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