Four days until the 6th Congressional District ad noise stops

11/02/2012 01:54 PM

Not only will 6th District voters soon find out who their congressman is, but they will soon be done with the constant barrage of ads that have been taking over commercial breaks in Central Kentucky since August.

The Hearld-Leader reported back in early October that spending by outside groups on TV advertising in this race had already topped $1 million. And in a district with inexpensive advertising rates, that buys a whole lot of commercials slots during news casts and episodes of NCIS.

The campaign staff for U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler and Republican Andy Barr started toning down their previously harsh rhetoric this week even though outside groups keep the negative spin churning on radio and TV.

Chandler’s campaign manager sent out a press release on Tuesday touting the decision to go positive in the last seven days of the campaign. Campaign manager Eric Nagy said, “Kentuckians are sick of the mudslinging,” in the release.

At the same time Chandler started running commercial boasting the Chandler family legacy tying himself closer with grandfather Happy Chandler.

Barr released a one minute ad that features him talking into the camera about Chandler accusing him of “petty shameful attacks” and accusing his opponent of not offering a plan for the country.

Barr’s ad is more subdued than some of his previous ones– with a soft music and a feathered look.

And in honor of Halloween, Barr aired a commercial earlier this week showing a child in a Ben Chandler mask. Chandler was not amused. His campaign called it desperate and “a new low even for Barr.”

Meanwhile, outside groups like the National Republican Congressional Committee continues to run negative ads on Barr’s behalf on TV, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is running commercials on radio.

The NRCC is sticking with their theme throughout the campaign and again casting Chandler as Obama’s running mate in this election. The group’s ad is targeting undecided voters and attempts to tie Chandler to Obama’s record on coal.

The DCCC ad is running on radio stations around the Lexington market and is targeting women under 40. The spot features two women talking about Barr’s refusal to answer a question during Monday’s KET debate about whether he would support a policy that allow for abortion in the case of rape or incest.

Here’s the transcript:
_WOMAN 1: Okay, so then this one Republican said, “if it’s a legitimate rape…” I mean, what is that?
WOMAN 2: I know – and did you hear Andy Barr the other night? He said he’d vote to make abortion a crime. And – get this – Barr refused to make exceptions for rape, incest – or if a woman’s life was in danger.
WOMAN 1: I’m not surprised. Andy Barr’s the guy that would let insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions – whether it’s a pregnancy, or something horrible like cancer.
WOMAN 2: It’s as if being a woman is a pre-existing condition.
WOMAN 1: Right? That’s why this election matters so much. I just – I feel like Ben Chandler gets it.
WOMAN 2: Whether it’s women’s health or equal pay, seems like Chandler’s always there for us.
WOMAN 1: We just need more people like Ben Chandler in Congress._

Chandler is rallying with Fayette Co. Democrats on Saturday to kick off the end to his campaign.

Barr has embarked on a final push “re-energizing Kentucky,” bus tour that will visit all 19 counties in the 6th District in the final seven days of the campaign.


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