Former House candidate defends Democratic socialism, explains why Democrats should not listen to James Comey

07/26/2018 09:14 AM

Former 35th Dist. Democratic state House candidate Richard Becker says he found many on the campaign trail open to policies trending towards Democratic socialism.

Becker came in second in a three-way Democratic primary for the seat currently held by Rep. Jim Wayne, D-Louisville. He penned a first person account of his experiences on the campaign trail in Kentucky for online publication Vox about why Socialism is an easy sell in “flyover country.”

The union organizer from Louisville, said that even voters in the district suggested progressive policy ideas to him – like single payer healthcare. Becker said in his experiences, and from what he’s read there hasn’t been a lot of discussion on applying the label Democratic Socialist, but voters “crave policies that are going to address the concerns of them and their families.”

“As long as the Democratic Party pursues a message and an agenda that really doesn’t speak to folks concerns and doesn’t offer bold solutions to the problems millions of Americans are facing, I think they’re going to continue to find problems winning elected office,” Becker said.

Becker said that he thinks Democratic Socialists can get elected into office in Kentucky, but adds the reality is they haven’t really tried.

Earlier this week former FBI director James Comey warned Democrats not to “lose your minds and rush to the socialist left.”

Becker warned Democrats not to listen to the Republican former FBI director who has pushed back against President Trump.

“I would caution my fellow Democrats to remember that James Comey is a life-long Republican who has his own political views and own political agenda,” he said. “I would caution my fellow Democrats to not take political advice from someone like him.”


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