Former Congressman Ken Lucas reflects on Sept. 11 and the changes it sparked

09/12/2011 07:45 AM

Then-President George W. Bush sold Democratic Congressman Ken Lucas and others on supporting war in Iraq by suggesting that not doing so could put Washington and New York at risk for being destroyed.

“I thought they had really good intelligence that Iraq was a really preeminent threat for us, and obviously it was not,” said Lucas, the former Democratic congressman from Northern Kentucky. (See 6:30 of the video for that part of the discussion).

While Lucas said the vote on Iraq was his biggest regret, he believes going into Afghanistan and backing the additional investigative powers as part of the Patriot Act were the right things to do.

“I’m sure there were probably instances where that was abused,” Lucas said around 5:20 of the video. “But right after the event — whatever it takes was my attitude … I’m siding with whatever is best for the country. Forget the personal rights piece of it.”

On the 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Lucas reflected on where he was and how he and his staff first found out what was going on in New York, the Pentagon and the field in rural Pennsylvania. (starting at 0:30).

Lucas retired from Congress in 2004, although he lost a come-back bid in 2006. Lucas is currently the director of the state department for veterans affairs.


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