Forgy says Beshear wants Obama re-elected, has taken "boodling" to an art form

07/25/2011 01:37 PM

Of the many things Republicans will accuse Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear of this fall, “boodling” doesn’t necessarily come to mind.

But in an interview with Pure Politics earlier this summer, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Forgy accused Beshear of just that.

If you’re still confused, “boodling,” is a term from turn-of-the-century Chicago which means fraud, especially in politics, Forgy said.

Forgy charged that Gov. Steve Beshear has taken the practice of boodling to a form of high art, and said Beshear has but one “program:” slot machines any place that can hold them.

He also said Beshear wants President Barack Obama re-elected in a bad way.

“Steve Beshear, if re-elected, would walk barefooted from Ashland to Paducah to re-elect (Barack) Obama president of the United States,” Forgy said. (see the :10 mark of the clip)

In response to Forgy’s claims, Kentucky Democratic Party chairman Dan Logsdon dismissed the former gubernatorial candidate and said he should be “ignored.”

“Once again, one of David Williams’ biggest supporters is making offensive and baseless claims,” Logsdon said in a statement. “Each time Kentuckians hear from Mr. Forgy, they are only further reminded why he should be ignored.”

Despite not going to see Obama while he was honoring soldiers at Fort Campbell and calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to get off of Kentucky’s backs, Forgy said he would try to tie Beshear to Obama.

“The people of Kentucky are going to associate Steve Beshear, the Democrat, with Barack Obama, the Democrat,” Forgy said. (see the 1:10 mark of the clip)

Forgy is counting on Obama’s massive unpopularity in Kentucky to take out Sixth District Congressman Ben Chandler and possibly Beshear.

“Kentuckians are going to beat Barack Obama, and I’m willing to bet my pocket change here with you, by 20 to 25 points in this state. I think it will take down Chandler, and it has the ultimate potential to take down Steve Beshear,” Forgy said. “That’s why he’s raised $6.5 million and become the poster boy for boodling. He’s raised more money from more people working for the state or doing business with the state. And now they’re going to take it national.” (see the 2:20 mark of the clip)


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