Fighting violence in Louisville: Pegasus Institute's LIVE plan

07/10/2017 02:35 PM

Six months into the year and already Louisville has seen the deadliest half-year in the city’s history, according to Josh Crawford the co-executive director of the Pegasus Institute.

The Louisville-based think tank is promoting their plan to curb violence entitled the Louisville Initiative for Violence Eradication (LIVE). The plan takes into account four main ideas: policing, revitalization, lighting and gang enhancement law.

Earlier in the year Jordan Harris, the co-executive director for the institute addressed focused deterrence policing — which seeks to identify the most dangerous individuals and groups in the community and then target those groups for increased policing and community engagement.

Crawford touched on the other points of the report in an interview with Pure Politics, calling on the community to raze abandoned buildings. Citing research, Crawford said blocks with abandoned buildings have twice the crime rate as comparable blocks without abandoned buildings.

The group is encouraging the city and LG&E to address areas with inadequate lighting.

“Quite literally, you know crime lurks in the dark and we can shine a light in some of these areas,” Crawford said. “The big benefit that improved street lighting and illuminating neighborhoods has is that it puts people back out on the street.”

The final step on their plan calls for buy-in from Frankfort lawmakers to pass a gang enhancement law. Pegasus seeks to work with lawmakers to craft a narrowly tailored law to “bring a new tool to law enforcement.”


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