Federal Election Commission wants more info on $793K transfers from KDP to itself; spox says mistake will be corrected Monday

08/27/2016 09:16 AM

The Federal Election Commission wants to know more about a pair of fund transfers from the Kentucky Democratic Party, reportedly to itself, totaling $793,000 last month.

The FEC sent KDP a letter Friday seeking additional information on the transactions, listed in the party’s August filing as a $600,000 transfer to “Kentucky Democratic Party — Federal” on July 13 and another $193,000 transfer on July 26.

Those dates and amounts match the party’s receipts from the Hillary Victory Fund, a multi-state fundraising partnership with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The FEC asked the party to “clarify the nature of these transactions or amend Schedule B by providing the correct name and mailing address of the payee,” setting a response deadline of Monday.

KDP spokesman Daniel Lowry said the staffer who handles fundraising reporting is on vacation but will address the matter on Monday.

“There was a mistake in the way we listed the payee and the wrong title got in there, and so that created a mistake,” Lowry said in a phone interview with Pure Politics. “They (the FEC) were just asking us to fix that, which we’ll do Monday.”

Other states’ Democratic committees involved with Hillary Victory Fund that recently received contributions from the joint fundraising effort also reported sizable transfers to the Democratic National Committee in their latest FEC filings.

The Indiana Democratic Congressional Victory Committee, according to FEC data, transferred $760,000 to the DNC on July 26, the same day the Georgia Federal Elections Committee and the West Virginia State Democratic Executive Committee sent the DNC $460,000 and $300,000, respectively. West Virginia Democrats also transferred $500,000 to the DNC on July 13.

Lowry did not know whether the DNC was the recipient of KDP’s $793,000 transfers.

Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman Tres Watson said in a statement, “Kentucky Democrats like Jim Gray and Greg Stumbo have pledged their loyalty to Hillary Clinton but it’s gotten them as little for their bank account as it will at the ballot box.”

Kevin Wheatley

Kevin Wheatley is a reporter for Pure Politics. He joined cn|2 in September 2014 after five years at The State Journal in Frankfort, where he covered Kentucky government and politics. You can reach him at kevin.wheatley@charter.com or 502-792-1135 and follow him on Twitter at @KWheatley_cn2.



  • viewer wrote on August 27, 2016 09:45 AM :

    Good morning friends. Greg Stumbo has announced that he is going to have a meeting, in Frankfort, Tuesday morning. The topic is pensions. He has invited both democrat and republican House members to attend. I hope as many as possible will take him up on the offer.

    I hope KET covers this Tuesday. I don’t understand the scheduling and who decides what gets coverage on KET. It seems to me they go out of their way to not cover the most important stories, and then turn around and air other hearings that are important but not in dire need of attention. This has happened time and time again. There is no way that it is a coincidence.

    Minority leader, Jeff Hoover, has come out with a statement about the pensions. I agree with every word he wrote, and I would like to see more of that. That tone, that straightforward talk is how we flip the House.

    On Tuesday, I would like to hear from Rep. Brad Montell, Phil Moffett, and Rep. Jerry Miller. This pension crisis is going to wreak havoc on our state, if we don’t get some kind of handle on it. There is no panacea here, but to keep our heads in the sand is not going to solve anything either. Our members in the House had to sit there, day after day. So, maybe Tuesday, they will be able to speak.

    I would also like to hear what came of Gov. Beshear’s Teachers’ Retirement Task Force. I would like to hear what results came out of that. Did any of that task force discussion add to solving any issues?

    The General Assembly and the members are part time. I am not making excuses for them. That is just the truth. We have to find a way to change some of this, whether we pay some of them higher salaries to work year round or something else. Our problems are piling up all over. We can’t just blame the members of the General Assembly. We have to find solutions.

    Anyone who has been watching the news knows there is a bad batch of heroin in central Kentucky. Overdoses have been on the rise this last week. Law enforcement is doing all they can do friends. We need to get the word out to our family and friends about this bad batch of heroin. Even if it only saves one life, that is a family that doesn’t have to suffer through one of these deaths. Besides that, just keep praying that God gets into these troubled souls, to where they know there is a better path than turning to drugs. The viewer.

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