Fancy Farm 2011 Review: Soap, eggs and 'coon inspire zingers and oddities

08/08/2011 07:05 PM

Most politicians by nature are good speakers.

The annual Fancy Farm picnic is a chance for officials to flex those fabulous speaking skills. Some speakers use a lot of rhetoric and others just go for the jugular.

Count Todd P’Pool in the latter category.

P’Pool, the Republican Attorney General candidate, still was playing off the “aqua Buddha” ad that Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway aired last year against Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate race.

The ad was inspired by a college prank Paul supposedly participated in. But the commercial backfired on Conway, and still haunts him.

Two years ago, Conway called himself a tough S.O.B. at Fancy Farm.

So P’Pool said his mom should have washed out his mouth with soap, then passed out soap to the Republican crowd at Friday night’s Republican gathering in Calvert City. He then delivered an aqua Buddha zinger. You can see the rest of the best right after P’Pool’s put down.

But let’s not forget the worst of Fancy Farm. Despite politicians normal gift of gab, sometimes what they say or how they say it isn’t good. Or worse, sometimes it’s bad.

Fancy Farm was weird at times this weekend. The governor didn’t give a campaign speech and didn’t even mention his opponent once.

Other speakers said and did weird stuff. From eggs to coon to Huey Long, here is our odd speeches list.

First, at the pre-Fancy Farm Democratic Dinner, a couple of candidates channeled their inner chef.

At a Democratic breakfast Saturday, state Rep. Fred Nessler of Mayfield also got in on the Food Network act as he recounted Alison Lundergan Grimes zeal for tasting cooked raccoon. It’s just awkward.

And then there was Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield. He was trying to tell a political story about not speaking of religion in certain areas. Except, the story took way too long, made little sense and wasn’t about a Kentuckian. It was about Huey Long, a former Louisiana governor. Yes, that’s a “boring” chant you hear in the background.

Add this in the column of odd-looking photo ops. Governor Steve Beshear probably poses for thousands of pictures each year. But probably never with three young women wearing t-shirts supporting Republican Attorney General candidate Todd P’Pool. Maybe this was the Kentucky political version of Punk’d.

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