Elaine Walker touts experience, small business ownership as she heads toward Tuesday primary

05/14/2011 08:43 AM

Secretary of State Elaine Walker isn’t a slick speaker, nor does she have the polish and gloss of her competitor Alison Walker Grimes. But Walker said she’s created jobs, owned a small business, has leadership experience and is the better choice to be the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State.

“I have experience at creating jobs in our region. Five-thousand new jobs in six years. And that’s what it’s all about in this economy. There is no elected official who has the luxury of not being attentive to what we can do to create jobs,” Walker said (see the 1:30 mark of the clip) Walker was serving her second term as mayor of Bowling Green when she got tapped to come to Frankfort by Gov. Steve Beshear in January.

Walker was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Trey Grayson, who took a job at Harvard University. She’s had to learn the job of Secretary of State while raising money and campaigning to keep the job.

“I’ve only been on the job for 12 weeks, and yet in those 12 weeks we’ve been able to make some substantial improvements,” Walker said. (see the 1:50 mark of the clip) “For example the business one-stop, which is something that is critically important, began as “Fast Track” in the Secretary of State’s office. Under my leadership we completed “Fast Track.”

One thing Walker doesn’t do is continually give the updated tally of places she’s been and well-known Democratic Party supporters who are behind her, like her opponent. She does mention the fact that Gov. Steve Beshear supports her, and she does tout her successes in her short time in state office.

“So anyone who’s got a business can do all of their filings for the Secretary of State’s offce online. And if anyone hasn’t filed their annual report, I’d encourage them to go online and do that,” Walker said. “we’re taking it (online business filing) to the next level.”


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