Edelen won't run for governor in 2015; Announces bid for second term as auditor

06/18/2014 09:06 AM

UPDATED: State Auditor Adam Edelen announced he will not be seeking a run for governor in 2015 Democratic primary because of the time away from family needed to run the race — instead Edelen said he would seek a second term in his current position.

“The reality is that campaign would require difficult sacrifices of my family and from my work as Auditor. These are sacrifices I’m unwilling to make at this time,” Edelen said in a statement.

Family considerations, became Edelen’s chief consideration in the days leading up to the announcement Edelen told Pure Politics last week.

“The last consideration, which is my first consideration, is about making sure that I can swear the obligation which comes with running a campaign with the obligations I have at home,” Edelen told Pure Politics last week.

In a phone interview with Pure Politics on Wednesday Edelen said that his twin 8-year old sons were “all-in” for the race and that they were “incredibly supportive.”

When Edelen considered his options he decided the impact of a race on his family and to him professionally it made “more sense to seek re-election.”

Edelen got as far as nailing down a running mate, and checking “every box you need to” run for governor before he opted out of the race on Wednesday. Here is Edelen’s full statement:

In 2015, I will be a candidate for re-election as State Auditor.

During my tenure as Kentucky’s taxpayer watchdog, we have broken new ground. From ferreting out waste and holding corrupt public officials accountable, to the work of making our schools run for the benefit of our children and taxpayers, to ensuring privacy protections in the digital age, I’m proud of what has been accomplished. I look forward to asking the people of Kentucky for a mandate to continue this important, bipartisan work.

I greatly appreciate the expressions of encouragement and support from across the Commonwealth as I explored a race for governor. Those well-wishes mean more than I can ever express.

The reality is that campaign would require difficult sacrifices of my family and from my work as Auditor. These are sacrifices I’m unwilling to make at this time.

The work of helping Kentucky realize it’s enormous potential is my passion. I appreciate the opportunity for service I have now and hope to continue that work in the future.

Attorney General Jack Conway is the lone Democrat to enter the race so far with running mate Rep. Sannie Overly, D-Paris.

If Edelen would have run against Conway internal polls showed him trailing in name id with voters.

“I would be at a disadvantage for how well I’m known,” Edelen said adding that Conway has run three statewide campaigns and he has run once for his current position.

Edelen did not rule out a future run for governor, adding that “nobody can predict the future.”

Other Democrats who are still considering the race include House Speaker Greg Stumbo who has left open the possibility of a run after the November 2014 elections, and former Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo also hasn’t ruled out the race.


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