Edelen doesn't deny interest in governor's race, gives his expectations for 6th Congressional Dist.

12/05/2012 05:06 PM

State Auditor Adam Edelen insisted he’s focused on his current role as state auditor but didn’t deny interest in running for governor as early as 2015.

Edelen has been one of the names of possible candidates for governor in 2015. And while he said he hasn’t put much thought into what a potential primary field would look like, whoever runs will need to have experience.

“Elections are about the future, and the future is determined by what your ideas are, what your mission is, and have a demonstrated record of accomplishments in doing big things. So that’s who I am,” he said (:15).

Edelen said he will make a decision on his next move when he feels he has completed the big tasks at hand.

“I will make my decision when I feel I have given the people of Kentucky what they deserve in terms of being a great taxpayer watchdog” (at 1:03).

Edelen, being a resident of the 6th Congressional district, said he would like to see candidates like Alison Lundergan Grimes of Sannie Overly in a race against Barr in 2014, both names on the Pure Politics list of possible contendors.

“There are an awful lot of outstanding democrats in central Kentucky who I think will be a great challenger, but my hope is that Andy Barr turns out to be a moderate influence and somebody who is focused on getting some things done. And if that is the case then we will be fine with the Congressman we’ve got,” he said (at 5:35).

Jacqueline Pitts

Jacqueline Pitts joined the cn|2 political team in June 2012. A graduate of WKU, Jacqueline grew up in Nashville, TN and is looking forward to having a front row seat to Kentucky politics. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter @Jacqueline_cn2. She can be reached at 502-792-1114 or jacqueline.pitts@twcnews.com.


  • Cat Balz wrote on December 05, 2012 06:06 PM :

    “A political culture that too often tolerates corruption.” Gee, Adam, which party has dominated Kentucky state politics since the Civil War? Bueller? Bueller??

  • EPluribusUnum wrote on December 09, 2012 11:11 AM :

    Gee Cat Balz do the names Ernie Fletcher, Garland Barr, John Rogers, Cletis Miracle and the entire political structure of Clay County sound familiar? All GOPers with some scandal and corruption and yes even,some with convictions for said corruption……no one party has an exclusive on it. Don’t conveniently overlook it to make a point, and when you do there will be one like me to point out your bias…….be thankful I did not dig into the history book to go back as far as you alluded…….the list of GOP crooks would be a LOT longer

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