Eastern High School works to pave road to careers in technology

01/30/2015 04:16 PM

LOUISVILLE — Learning 21st century skills in the area of technology is a reality for a number of students at Eastern High School.

Eastern High School’s technology program is rated as one of the best in the state of Kentucky, as well as in the country. Eastern is the only school in Jefferson County that requires students to take a minimum of two years in technology courses to graduate.

Senate President Pro Tem David Givens, R-Greensburg, visited the Louisville high school on Friday along with a number of area and state business leaders to observe, first hand, the schools computer programming and technology curriculum.

Eastern principal Lana Kaelin, says that her school is the Business, Technology and Technical school in Jefferson County and the classes in those subject areas are extensive.

“We are a site for a high school of business, which is an MBA research program with a specific program preparing kids to be entrepreneurs,” Kaelin said. “We launch businesses in the school and we work closely with our community businesses, and the kids are learning skills which will prepare them to be business majors in college.”

Senior Spencer Foreman is taking a network administrative course as well as a computer programming course.

“This school has pretty much laid out my career path for me,” Foreman said. “It really helped me decide what I want to do and figure out what major I want, which is computer science.”

Givens says the program is beneficial because it all about preparing the future workforce of the state with the best possible education to enjoy success.

“Whether someone goes on to a computer programming degree or goes in a different path, so much of the logic and the critical thinking, the applied technology, it benefits students towards a broad spectrum of opportunities,” Givens said.

Eastern has 17 computer labs, 16 Business and Information Technology teachers and over 400 networked computers.


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