DNC to focus on unregistered voters, reaching people on cell phones ahead of the midterms

08/08/2018 06:10 PM

By: Eva McKend

WASHINGTON-Democrats say they are leaving no stone unturned in the crucial months leading up to the midterm election.

For Democrats, the game plan is to organize everywhere.

“We’ve been investing in all 50 states for quite some time because what we learned over the past decade or so is that when you don’t organize everywhere, you lose seats down ballot and you lose seats in the years to come,” said Xochitl Hinojosa, Communications Director at the DNC.

With just months until the midterm election, DNC leadership says they are investing in communities that historically have supported Democrats, engaging with Puerto Ricans who have recently relocated to Florida and Pennsylvania following Hurricane Maria, targeting unregistered voters and even reaching people on their cell phones.

“The DNC purchased 94 million additional cell phone numbers. That will go straight into the voter file. This is huge because in a lot of states, we had very few cell phone numbers for people,” said Hinojosa.

The DNC was allegedly hacked by the Russian military in the critical 2016 presidential election. They say that won’t happen again because now they a have cyber security experts working with their teams.

“Making sure there are best practices put in place, that their email systems are secure, that they are using encrypted messaging,” said Hinojosa.

And while there is support for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and embracing a new wave of young diverse leaders, the DNC is staying far away from progressive calls to Abolish ICE.

“While ICE definitely needs reforms, the only way that we fix the problem is by getting rid of this President,” said Hinojosa, declining to use the term Abolish Ice when asked about the movement.

The group has raised $109 million this campaign cycle compared to the more than 200 million raised by the Republican National Committee.


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