DeWeese and Hunt working hard in 48th House District race

10/20/2014 04:05 PM

State Rep. Bob DeWeese, R-Louisville, is facing a challenge in his re-election race from Democrat Gretchen Hunt. And the two candidates are focused on the issues of not only their district, but the state as well.

In an interview at his Louisville home, DeWeese said that as he goes door-to-door in the district he is hearing concerns about jobs and job security from his constituents. The 20-year incumbent legislator says that business friendly tax reform would solve many of the state’s economic issues.

Hunt, a graduate of Emerge Kentucky , has also been working the district. The Democratic candidate recently told Pure Politics her campaign has knocked on more than 11,000 doors in the district where she says she is also hearing about the same concerns on job security.

Not unlike many Democrats in the General Assembly, Hunt is in favor of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. She told Pure Politics that as she speaks to business owners, most of them are already paying more than that as an hourly rate so she believes it is a reasonable step to help families increase their income.

“Most good businesses want to keep their employees, they want to recruit good talent and they want to maintain them,” Hunt said. “So I think it is reasonable to say $10 can be a living wage for folks.”

The two candidate are also focused on the issues of education and health as the state is facing tough decisions in both areas moving forward. (You can hear more on their stances in the profile below.)

The race has seen some attacks as DeWeese was targeted in a round of push polls done by Democrats in the district. In her first campaign ad, Hunt looks at the camera and says DeWeese has been in Frankfort too long and the district has changed while he has not. But DeWeese said he does not believe the time frame of his time in the legislature or his age should be under attack.

“If I was a doddling old fool. But I am sharp mentally and I am ready to go,” DeWeese said, adding the example of the long days and nights put in by the budget conference committee to reach an agreement on the final details of the two year budget.

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