Despite reports, Kentucky GOP says no imminent plans to push back reorganization to 2013

06/28/2011 05:50 PM

Tea party leaders worried about delaying by a year the reorganization of the Republican Party of Kentucky have nothing to worry about, said Steve Robertson, chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky.

Tea party activist David Adams dispatched messages to Republicans this week criticizing the party for considering the change. He told Pure Politics in a phone interview that moving the reorganization from 2012 to 2013 would be an attempt to keep tea party activists out of leadership positions within the party structure.

“(Changing the year) runs counter to everything a free country is about,” said Adams, who now serves as executive director of the political action committee he created called Kentucky Knows Best.

Like the Kentucky Democratic Party, the state GOP reorganizes during every presidential year through a series of conventions on local, county, congressional district and state levels. The process starts in the early spring with the election of Republican precinct leaders. Then, county elections produce county chairs and vice chairs.

The county chairs then go to district elections, where a district chair is elected and where party platforms begin to form. From there, those delegates elect the leaders of the GOP, from party chair to state executive committee members.

Robertson, who spoke to Pure Politics at the party’s Frankfort headquarters, said the information circulating about moving the date next year isn’t true.

He said the state party’s primary goal in 2012 is to defeat Democratic President Barack Obama. And Robertson said while some Republicans have talked about changing the year the party reorganizes in, it has been in open forum and not secretive.

Robertson also said the idea has been talked about since the 1990s — long before he took over the chairmanship in June 2007 (and was re-elected during the 2008 convention).

One former state GOP vice chairman, Marcus Carey, wrote on his blog, BluegrassBulletin that if the party is thinking of pushing reorganization back a year, it’s sure to anger some Republicans. He told Pure Politics’ Don Weber the same:


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