Demographer projects growth in diversity will impact American politics and the economy

07/25/2018 08:44 AM

By: Eva McKend

As the debate continues over who is allowed into the country, it will not alter the projected racial makeup in America.

Though people may have different views about where the country is moving politically, based on the numbers alone, it is indisputable, the demographics in America will continue to change.

Demographer William Frey says our demographics are changing regardless and that it will play a role in politics and the economy.

“We could stop immigration today and we would still have this increasingly diverse country because of the younger part of our population,” said William Frey, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow.

According to demographer Frey, for the first time in history, most Americans under the age of 18 will be of color in the 2020 Census report.

“Because immigrants tend to be younger adults, it means that their children who were born here and will be born here are going to make up a disproportionate part of that younger population going forward juxtapose against the older white population whose fertility has declined, more of whose women are less likely to be of fertility childbearing age so there are going to be fewer white children being born,” said Frey.

The Diversity Explosion author believes the stark division on issues of race and immigration since President Trump took office will likely have a short shelf life. He also predicts the electorate will grow more progressive.

“Both parties are going to see that they will need to reach out to these younger minorities and teach many of these older whites, that they sort of have a codependent relationship with these young minorities,” said Frey.

Frey describes the relationship as codependent because of how the changing demographics will play a large role in the American economy, not just politics. Predominately white rural states will have to adapt to stay afloat.

“To be economically productive, they are going to have to figure out how to create jobs that are going to be attractive to this younger population,” said Frey.

He argues lawmakers should focus on investing in the education of young people of color. Frey says it is going to take strong leadership who understands this inevitable cultural shift to maneuver in this new era.

According to his research, 17 percent of all recent marriages in America are multi-racial marriages. That is an all-time high.


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