Democratic Senate candidate says actions of party may force him to run as an Independent

09/16/2013 01:02 PM

Democratic U.S. Sen. candidate Ed Marksberry, the first Democrat to file for the race, says the Kentucky Democratic Party’s handling of his complaints of favoritism might prompt him to run as an independent — a decision he must make by Dec. 31.

Marksberry filed a lawsuit against the KDP in July after the party sent out an email to party supporters touting Alison Lundergan Grimes’ candidacy and asking for donations to the party.

The party’s bylaws say that no one from the party should endorse one candidate over another in a Democratic primary. Marksberry said the inaction taken by the party’s leadership has forced him to decide on what his next political move will be.

“I will probably have to pull out of the race as a candidate for the Democratic Party and run as an independent,” Marksberry said (at 3:54). But a candidate must be registered with the party under the banner in which he or she plans to run in January of the election year. So Marksberry would have to make the switch before Dec. 31, then get at least 5,000 signatures by August to qualify for the ballot.

Marksberry acknowledged that he does believe there are a lot of good members of the Democratic party but he believes the actions of the Kentucky Democratic Party leadership casts a bad light on those members.

“What does that say about our own political party and the members of it?” Marksberry said (at 4:30). “Who else out there is going to make sure the party abides by our bylaws? Its gotta take somebody with courage, somebody who is not afraid to be a leader in this and someone who says hey, this was easy for you to resolve, but because of your own stubbornness or whatever you want to call it, this is going to hurt your party even more.”

A message Pure Politics left Friday with Democratic Party Chairman Dan Logsdon wasn’t returned.


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