Democratic Secretary of State candidates trying to prove who's the "real Democrat"

04/20/2011 02:58 PM

FRANKFORT — It’s no secret that primaries tend to pull candidates to the extreme of their respective party, while general elections tend to push candidates toward the center.

A primary is also a chance to start up banter about who represents their party better. And despite a slow start to the 2011 primary season, the two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State have already started playing the “I’m the better Democrat” game.

Both touted their time as a Democrat. Alison Lundergan Grimes starts off her speeches by saying she’s a “lifelong Democrat,” while Elaine Walker says she’s “been a Democrat longer than my opponent has been alive.” Both touted their various endorsements from state Democratic leaders, as well.

The two sparred over the who’s the better Democrat during Tuesday night’s Franklin County Democratic Women’s Club candidate forum, held at Kentucky Democratic Party headquarters.

It’ll be up to the voters on May 17 to decide who’s Miss Democrat for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State, but you can view last night’s rounds below.

-Reporting and video produced by Kenny Colston


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