Democratic National Convention Wrap Up

07/29/2016 07:35 PM

PHILADELPHIA- The Democratic National Convention has come to an end. Hillary Clinton accepted the party’s presidential nomination Thursday night and officially becoming the first female nominee of a major party. The historic moment striking a chord with many of the Kentucky delegates in the Wells Fargo Arena last night.

“I was raised by a single mother,” Kentucky Delegate Colmon Elridge said. “To see Secretary Clinton to step into that roll of being this party’s nominee, for me is about my mother, and validating the life that she led to give me opportunity.”

It’s not just his mother who came to mind for Elridge when Clinton made history last night, as he explains, he also thinks of his two sons.

“I also think about my boys, who were born into a world with an African-American president, who might well grow into their teenage years with a female president. And I just think this is such a great time to be alive, to be part of this process, to be an American,” Elridge said.

The grandson of former Kentucky Governor and U.S. Senator Wendell Ford, Clay Ford, was among the Kentucky Delegation this week in Philadelphia. Ford expressed the energy brought by the new people that got involved in the political process this year. The passion of the new participants at the convention weren’t the only thing fueling Ford with energy to come back to the Commonwealth and get to work. The wide range of speeches and stories heard from the podium over the last four days also inspired him to come and campaign across the Bluegrass state for Clinton.

Campaign season is officially underway with both the Republican National Convention coming to a close last week in Cleveland, and the Democratic National Convention wrapping up this week in Philadelphia. As candidates and their bases get ready to head out on the campaign trail they go with contrasting messages set from the main stage by their respective presidential nominees.


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