Democratic consultant excited to see renewed enthusiasm

12/01/2017 08:56 AM

With new activist out in force bringing new energy to the political spectrum and new leaders at the helm of the Kentucky Democratic Paty, Democratic consultant and Elizabethtown school board member Matt Wyatt is excited about the future for the Democratic Party.

Wyatt said there are new people becoming active within the state, and the party needs to nurture that growth and make sure they integrate new activist factions in all 120 counties of the state.

With a 120 county strategy, Wyatt said the Democratic Party should grow from the ground up rather than the top down.

Fear, he said of going down the wrong track is driving new enthusiasm within the commonwealth.

“I believe the pension situation, as someone who is a school board chairman I definitely hear about that, because it’s going to effect our district — the economics of our district; how we are going to balance our budgets,” Wyatt said. “But, it’s really going to effect our employees in an enormous way. I think those people are really waking up and seeing that you have to get involved.

“Citizenship is not about voting necessarily, it’s not about jury duty it’s about taking an active part in your country, and what’s happened in this country over the last year especially is a realization to a lot of people who are very patriotic that we need to get this country in a different direction — we need to get this commonwealth moving in a different direction.”

Wyatt said the only way to make that change is to get invovled, and he said that’s what he’s seeing especially from teachers.

Watch the entire interview with Wyatt including his take on how the sexual harassment settlement involving the GOP impacts the 2018 election, and a look ahead at the races to come.


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