Democrat Rep. John Sims believes that working across the aisle is the key to success as a legislator

08/06/2017 07:31 AM

FRANKFORT – Freshman Rep. John Sims, D-Flemingsburg, who has entered his eighth month as a state legislator, representing Fleming, and parts of Bracken, Mason, and Robertson counties, feels good about his time in Frankfort thus far, and credits his ability to work with members of both parties as a key to being an effective lawmaker.

Sims, a Flemingsburg businessman, admits that it’s sometimes tough juggling legislative duties, with work and family obligations, but has no regrets about his first year in Frankfort.

“I’ve learned a lot, met a lot of great people, and still learning every day, I’ve tried to learn something new every day,” Sims said. “We have some big issues coming up facing the state that we’ll have to address in a special session.”

As a Democrat, Sims was in the minority in the House as the GOP controlled that chamber for the first time in 95 years, but that didn’t stop him from seeing
House Bill 241 into law.

The law prohibts a public school athletic coach from returning a student to play who is diagnosed with a concussion unless written clearance from a physician is provided.

“I’m a guy who believes in working together, throw the parties out the door and let’s get to work,” Sims said. “We’re all Kentuckians in the end.”

Sims credits both Democrats and Republicans for giving him guidance through his first year.

“Rocky Adkins had been a great help to me, Sal Santoro has been helping me on the budgets,” Sims said. “They tell me all that you have when you get here is your word. The only thing that you leave with is your word. So, your word is very important here.”

While some legislators in Frankfort have become “career politicians,” Sims says don’t look for that in his future.

“I agree with limits on the state and federal level,” Sims said. “Some of them are career politicians, I don’t want to have that title.”


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