Day One of the Democratic National Convention "Stronger Together"

07/25/2016 07:30 PM

PHILADELPHIA – The Kentucky delegates are all settled in the city of brotherly love and began their first morning at the Democratic National Convention hearing from U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn, D- South Carolina, and the former Secretary of State for New Jersey Regena Thomas. When it comes to federal elections, Kentucky is usually a state that goes red, but Clyburn and Regena spoke to the crowd about how to turn the Bluegrass State blue this presidential election.

The convention is kicking off amidst a controversy regarding an email leak. The Kentucky delegates are split down the middle, with half being bound to Bernie Sanders and the other half bound to the party’s presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton. Two Kentucky delegates share how they think the scandal will impact the convention and if the party will be able to unite together to keep the White House this fall.

Clinton spoke today in Charlotte, North Carolina at the VFW convention, painting contrast between her and the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trump is expected to speak at the same convention tomorrow.


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