David Williams new ads promise to create jobs but don't outline how

05/03/2011 10:52 AM

Senate President David Williams is rolling out his second round of TV ads and a companion radio spot today while his opponents in the Republican primary still haven’t been able to afford advertising.

The new ads — a one-minute radio spot and a 30-second TV ad — focus on unemployment and jobs.

The commercials promise that Williams and his running mate, Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer, will create jobs. But they don’t outline how they plan to accomplish adding jobs.

In the past, Williams has criticized Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear for being at the helm of the state at a time when Kentucky’s unemployment rate has been among the highest in the nation.

In the radio ad, Williams says he will “tackle the tough issues: reducing spending, creating jobs and real education reform.”

The radio ad also represents the first time Kentucky Republican voters hear directly from Farmer, who stresses the need for jobs. He says: “we need to do more to create jobs. People are hurting.”

Farmer has come under fire for not giving back part of his $110,000 state salary in support of state workers who have been furloughed. He later reversed course on that.

The radio ad is running statewide starting today, confirmed Scott Jennings, the campaign manager from Williams-Farmer. Jennings said the campaign decided to begin using Farmer in ads because he has “enormous credibility” statewide.

“David Williams and Richie Farmer are running as a ticket and a team,” Jennings told Pure Politics in a phone interview. “Richie has enormous credibility across the state and in the ad he’s talking about things that are important.

“The message here is we can do better.”

Jennings also said the campaign is trying to show that there is unity on their ticket, whereas many slates have had tensions in the past, Jennings said.

“They are working as a team, we haven’t seen that previously in many governors and lieutenant governors,” Jennings said. “We’re showing they’re working hard, working as a team.”

Here is the radio ad:

The TV ad also starts today in the western part of the state, notably the Louisville and Henderson TV markets, according to the public ad file of the media buy made by Williams-Farmer with Insight Communications, which is the parent company of cn|2 and Pure Politics.

The message in the TV radio mirrors that of the radio ad, but doesn’t include Farmer’s comments. Williams says he will “reduce spending, create jobs and have real education reform.”

You can view the TV ad below:

—Reporting by Kenny Colston


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