D.C. curious about Paul and outcome of Kentucky Senate race, Post reporter says

10/26/2010 09:12 AM

Political observers and officials in the nation’s capital are looking at Kentucky as a particularly interesting campaign case in an election year full of curiosities, Perry Bacon, Jr., national political correspondent for the Washington Post told Pure Politics.

“That’s the one race where the seat is Republican now … and Democrats could get an upset,” Bacon said. But he added most observers think the seat is still Republican candidate Rand Paul’s to lose. “People think because it’s Kentucky — because it’s conservative — it’s going to be hard for (Jack) Conway to get over the line.”

Still, Bacon said the conventional wisdom is that another Republican, such as Secretary of State Trey Grayson who lost to Paul by 23 points in the primary, would have been in a stronger position against Conway, the Democratic attorney general.

“I think if Trey Grayson were running, I think Trey Grayson would be ahead by a significant amount of points,” Bacon said.

Bacon, a Louisville native, also offered his assessment of some of the other races he has covered, including the tight Senate campaign in West Virginia. And he compared these midterm elections to the 2006 midterms he covered for Time magazine.

Here’s his interview from Monday’s Pure Politics:

- Ryan Alessi


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