Crit Luallen says she will be most prepared candidate for governor in Ky. history if she runs

11/13/2012 04:41 PM

Former state Auditor Crit Luallen isn’t ready to say whether she’ll run for governor in 2015 but said if she does, her work in six administrations and her tenure as auditor make her the most qualified candidate of any gubernatorial candidate thus far.

“I don’t believe there has ever been anyone who has ever run for governor of Kentucky who has been more prepared in terms of understanding public policy, budgeting, the legislative process, and the kind of strategic long term focus to really improve Kentucky’s future than I am” Luallen said (at 10:10).

Luallen says her decision will hinge on if it is the right for her personally, and whether she believes she can make a difference in the political atmosphere. She says she will be watching the legislature closely to see changes take place.

One of those changes being the new leadership in the Republican controlled State Senate. Luallen says she believes Stivers would be a good option for the position of Senate President. (But the interview was conducted before independent Sen. Bob Leeper announced his intent to run).

“Obviously he has to represent the philosophy of his members and his caucus, but its been my sense that he is also willing to listen, understand, and appreciate the opposing view and try to move forward some kind of common ground that would move us forward” (at 1:40).

Luallen said Kentucky faces a list of “on fire” issues that need to be put out immediately. At the top is dealing with the unfunded pension liability. She said she wasn’t comfortable with the concept of floating a bond to pay down part of that debt.

She said investing in education is paramount to the state’s future and said tax reform is critical to moving the state forward.

“No one wants to talk about raising taxes. But in this state we have to at least modernize our tax code in ways that it will grow with a growing economy so that we can afford to invest in workforce education issues” (at 6:40).


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