Covington vice mayor urges feds to find alternative ways to fund transporation projects like the Brent Spence Bridge without tolls

06/12/2015 04:29 PM

COVINGTON — Covington Mayor Pro Tem Steve Frank believes that the federal government needs to look at alternative ways to fund transportation projects, like a new Brent Spence Bridge, rather than relying heavily on tolls.

Frank, who has been one of the more vocal opponents of tolls, believes that the government needs to replace its current gas tax with a plan to better fund transportation projects like a new Brent Spence Bridge.

One plan Frank would like to see the Feds consider is a tax based on miles driven.

“We haven’t raised gasoline taxes since 1993,” Frank said. “We’re going to have to move ultimately to what Oregon’s doing right now which is called vehicles miles traveled. I don’t care how your car is propelled, if you travel 10,000 miles, you’re going to have to pay ‘X.’”

Frank believes that the push for tolls will subside once Gov. Steve Beshear, a strong proponent of tolls, leaves office at the end of the year.

“Gov. Beshear was the only one pushing tolls on this side of the bridge,” Frank said. “I have two governor candidates, one on the Republican side and one on the Democrats, and neither one of them want to breathe a word about being in favor of tolls or they’ll lose up here in northern Kentucky.”

The full interview with Frank can be viewed here:


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