County Connections: Williamsburg looks to become a college town in conjuntion with the University of the Cumberlands

08/30/2017 12:00 PM

WILLIAMSBURG — While the city of Williamsburg has been home to the University of the Cumberlands since 1889, the relationship between the city and town is something that current Mayor Roddy Harrison wishes could be better.

Harrison is currently meeting with university officials to form better partnerships between the city and its citizens and the university and its students.

“For so long we had the idea that the college stopped at the railroad tracks and the city went on, and it was always a feeling back and forth about whether the college protected the town or the town protected the college, so the president and I have met and we’re kind of forging ahead with the idea that yes, revitalization of the downtown by working with the college and trying to make that,” Harrison said. “We haven’t really been that college town, but I think we’re going to go that direction.”

Unable to afford college tuition, the late Gov. Bert T. Combs moved to Williamsburg in 1929 and attended Cumberland College, then a junior college.

He earned tuition money by sweeping floors and firing furnaces in the campus buildings.


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