County Connections: The Falmouth Outlook still providing Pendleton County residents with local news and information for 110 years

11/29/2017 04:29 PM

FALMOUTH – For years many rural small town newspapers were the go-to source for essential information pertaining to their cities and counties.

The newspapers covered everything from birth announcements, school news, marriage announcements, local government and business news, as well as obituaries.

Now in this digital age, hundreds of small town papers have shut down their presses forever, with many of them forgotten in time.

Falmouth and Pendleton County still have their local newspaper which continues to be the number one source for local news, The Falmouth Outlook.

The paper, which was founded in 1907 and is one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in the county, is still essential reading for county residents as well as folks who have moved out the area, but still want to know what’s going on in their home town.

Neil Belcher, who has served a publisher of The Falmouth Outlook for the past three years, admits that the paper knows its niche of covering only news that concerns and affects locals in the county.

“We’re the paper of record here in the county so, that’s our focus,” Belcher said. “We let the larger daily papers and the national news in the 24/7 news cycle handle the national news, but if its’ something that directly affects Pendleton County, that’s our focus.”

Belcher says that subscriber numbers has been stable, but he and his seven employees are working hard to have an online presence to attract millennials who have traditionally turned away from print media.

“We sell e-subscriptions so a person can actually subscribe, and we go to press on Monday nights, and when we go to press, that paper is usually available probably as the printing presses are running for anybody who subscribes online,” Belcher said. “That’s our way to reach out into the digital world.”

The paper also served the public in an emergency situation in 2016 with updated information online after a train derailed in downtown Falmouth.

“We were posting pictures, doing live updates on our website and Facebook too, but on our own website, we were able to update that story continuously,” Belcher said.

The Outlook staff has produced two versions of a history book about Pendleton County called “The Forks of the Licking”.

Copies are still available to purchase for $21.95 each.

Click here for a link.


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