County Connections: Punkyville offers Pendleton County visitors a trip back in time

11/29/2017 02:28 PM

FALMOUTH – Back in 2003, Charles “Punky” Beckett began collecting antiques, nostalgic pieces, old vehicles, anything that caught his eye.

That quest resulted in the creation of one of the state’s most unique roadside attractions 2 miles outside of Falmouth on U.S. 27, Punkyville.

Punkyville, which Beckett named after himself, is a collection of essentially storage sheds which houses thousands of collectables in buildings with facades resembling a garage, post office, filling station, general store, hotel, and a doctor’s office among others things.

“I kept buying a few things and kept on building buildings,” Beckett said.

Going to the village is like traveling back in time as many items are well over 100 years old.

One of Beckett’s treasures is a church which has been used for a half dozen weddings.

“The church, I pulled it out of Bracken County,” Beckett said. “I bought the whole entire church; most of it’s inside the church what I bought.”

Beckett also has a number of classic motor vehicles.

“I’ve got a Model A Ford mail truck, I’ve got another Model A Ford, we call it Bonnie and Clyde, we’ve got a Beverly Hillbillies truck up there too, we’ve got an old John Deere tractor,” Beckett said.

While the village doesn’t have set visitor hours, Beckett says anyone is invited anytime to stop by and browse.

Beckett admits that he’s spent a fair amount of money on his items, but also says that some of them were given to him for free like an old railroad caboose car which he received from a preacher in Scott County, provided he move it from Sadieville to his home in Pendleton County.

Beckett, who is now retired from a paving company, admits that he’s still looking to add to the collection admitting that he would like to have more signs.

Punky says that he has no idea what his collection is worth, but adds that nothing is for sale.


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