County Connection: Proximity to Frankfort, Lexington and Louisville a key asset for Anderson County

12/13/2017 05:21 PM

LAWRENCEBURG – Anderson County is in a location where, despite it’s primarily rural setting, residents can reach Frankfort, Lexington and Louisville in less than an hour.

Anderson County was established in 1827 from land given by Franklin, Mercer, and Washington counties. The county named for Richard Clough Anderson, Jr., a Kentucky legislator and U.S. Congressman.

The county seat of Lawrenceburg is located 13 miles from Frankfort, 30 miles from Lexington and 50 miles from Louisville.

Obrey Gritton, who has served a judge-executive since 2015, says that because of its location, it has the advantage of being near population centers as well as having generally a quiet off the beaten path rural setting.

“We still have the farmers, horse farms, cattle farms, and things of that nature so we are our own little community,” Gritton said. “It’s a warm and inviting community and people are extremely friendly. People generally care about your neighbor.”

The county relies on a growing tourist trade for economic growth as visitors are attracted to bourbon distilleries, wineries, and an bustling historic downtown district.

There are also a number of businesses which have located in the county that provide jobs.

“We have a couple of really nice distilleries, we have Wild Turkey Distillery, we have Four Roses Distillery, we try to make sure that the traffic coming from Four Roses to Wild Turkey gets to come through historic downtown Lawrenceburg,” Gritton said.

One thing Gritton would like to see, moving forward, are more companies locating in the county.

“One thing that we have is that we are centrally located,” Gritton said. “We’re not too far from 64, the Blue Grass Parkway cuts through the western end of our county, we’re not too far from Lexington, so we’re in a very unique space.”

The county sat of Lawrenceburg is named after James Lawrence, who was a naval officer.


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