Conway says arming teachers isn't the answer but that schools need to ask for security help

01/24/2013 04:48 PM

Attorney General Jack Conway said the answer to school shootings is not to arm teachers but to ask educators and school systems what they need to keep students safe.

Conway spoke with Pure Politics reporter Don Weber on Wednesday.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, told the Frankfort Rotary Club last week that he would be in favor of allowing teachers and principals who were trained to use firearms to carry those weapons into schools, which are currently gun-free zones by federal law.

Conway, who lost the 2010 Senate race to Paul, disagrees with his former opponent.

“This notion that were just going to arm everybody I don’t think it makes a lot of sense when a lot of our teachers are saying, we don’t want the guns to begin with,” Conway said.

Conway, a Democrat in his second term as attorney general, prefaced his answer to the school safety question by mentioning his strong support of the 2nd Amendment and that he has “always been well rated by the NRA.” Conway, of course, has further political ambitions and has publicly talked about taking, “a good hard look at the governor’s race in 2015.”

But Conway said officials’ first obligation in the debate is to listen to the school district leaders. Conway said a school safety plan and the Center for School Safety was created after the 1997 shooting at Heath High School where three students were killed during a morning prayer circle meeting.

“The problem has been, like many things in the state, the funding has been slashed and we haven’t really followed through,” Conway said of the school safety plan. “I think the answer is let’s go back to that model – let’s let each district each school each superintendent come to us and say what they need. If they need school resource officers than that’s the best way to go.”

House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D- Prestonsburg, created a new subcommittee to explore safety precautions among Kentucky schools. The next meeting of that subcommittee is planned for Friday.


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